• American Refuge (work-in-progress, feature documentary)
  • Unfollower (2020, narrative feature)
  • Rumor (2019, narrative short)
  • Lemonade (2018, narrative short)


  • The Black Spout (2017, short documentary)
  • Western Dolly (2014, short documentary)
  • Powder of Sympathy (2014, film installation)
  • As the Squirrel Turns (2013, short documentary)
  • Color Advisory Service (2012, film installation)
  • China Room (2012, experimental short)
  • Nina's Two Left Feet (2011, film installation)
  • Long Black Robes (2011, film installation)
  • Ikiru Wipes (2011, experimental short)
  • Exciting DivorcĂ©e (2010, video installation)
  • I Swim Now (2010, experimental short)
  • An Untechnical Study of the Bird in the Abstract (2010, film installation)
  • When I Feel Blue I Google Jeffrey Seder (2010, video installation)
  • Medusa Thinks I'm Ugly (2006, experimental short)
  • Sinister Mystery Cloud Swallows Ships (2002, experimental short)
  • Lids of All Sorts (2001, experimental short)
  • Can the Chatter (2000), experimental short)


Sarah Biagini is a media artist primarily interested in unscenic nature. As a flicker fanatic, she is also begrudgingly drawn to formalist aesthetics. And mind control. She works in film, video, and animation.

Sarah currently lives in a small mountain town and teaches at the University of Colorado Boulder.